Technology Centre

Technology Classes

The Technology Centre have 4 Full-time teachers who cater for a roll of 500 from 12 Contributing Schools. The Technology Centre/Te Whare Hangarau caters for Year 7 & 8 students who are taught the following areas: Multi Materials- metal, plastics, wood etc, Electronics and Control, Structures and Mechanisms, Food, Design and Graphics, Production and Process, Biotechnology and Soft Materials. Students receive approximately 5 hours of tuition on a fortnightly basis. Each school is charged a per pupil annual fee of $83.00 to cover daily running costs and to purchase consumables used in the lessons. Children must wear protective /covered shoes when attending classes.

Information Technology

We have a comprehensive range of IT dedicated devices available for each and every student in our school, available in for every class, every day. Teachers support and monitor usage.