‘Our Amazing School Philosophy’

Mission Statement

Ngaruawahia Primary School will provide effective learning opportunities that allow all learners to achieve their full potential.

School Vision

Ngaruawahia Primary School is a place where children are our main focus and their learning is PARAMOUNT. The partnership between home and school is very strong. As partners we will share a common interest- providing effective learning opportunities suited tp the students needs and carried out in a safe environment.

Our school is committed to providing learning opportunities and the necessary resourcing to enhance the achievement of Maori students. The value we place on our culture will be exemplified by our school practices and programmes. The Treaty of Waitangi is a living document and the kawa of our ceremonies is Waikato-Tainui.

We will be vigilant in maintaining high standards, enabling all students ‘mana’ to valued and to reach their full potential.

The contribution of staff to achieve our ‘Vision’ will be valued and nurtured. It is our responsibility to enhance the ability of teachers through a good performance management system including excellent practises and opportunities for professional development and guidance. We will continue to seek 9ut well trained, passionate and resourceful people.

The school vision will be underpinned by:

  • The National Administration Goals (NAGS)
  • National Education Priorities
  • Ka Hikitia / Managing for Success
  • Tataiako/ Cultural Competencies
  • New Zealand School Curriculum
  • A common direction through the National Education Goals (NEGS)


These words were spoken by the first Maori King, Potatau Te Wherowhero to his son, Tukaroto Matutaera, who was known as Kingi Tawhiao;

“Kotahi te kohao o te ngira e kuhuna ai te miro ma, te miro pango, the miro whero. I muri kia mau ki te aroha, ki te ture, ki te whakapono.”

“Through the one eye of the neddle passes the white, black and red threads. Afterwards, hold firmly to the love, to the law and to faith we will rise”.

For our school, strength and unity is achieved through embodying and holding fast to our school values and the principles we provide at our school. As individuals we have value that we all contribute and combine to create a thread. It is when we collectively work we are woven together. Through the principles of partnership and compromise, we are stronger hence more powerful to pursue great things. An endeavour to achieves one team and one direction ideology.