Ko Karioi tooku maunga

Ko Aotea tooku Moana

Ko Tainui tooku waka

Ko Te Papatapu tooku marae

Ko Ngati Te Wehi tooku hapu


Ko Tukotahi Te Aoturoa tooku papa

Ko Jan Waitere tooku mama


Ko Jordan Rangihika tooku hoa tane

Ko Kim Rangihika tooku ingoa


Kia Ora! I am a proud teacher here at NPS, who joined the whaanau in 2014 with my two eldest tamariki. I now have my two youngest here, I’m teaching in Room 3, and I’m the Junior Syndicate leader.


The best reward in teaching is seeing our tamariki grow from enthusiastic juniors into proud seniors, and being able to share in their journey everyday – through the good times and the eye-rolling ones!!!


The biggest gift tamariki give is aroha and appreciation, and I love seeing them return to our kura after they’ve moved onto bigger ventures.


After a number of years teaching in our Middle & Senior classes, I am enjoying settling into the Junior way of life, and boy do these tamariki keep me on my toes!


We have a Junior syndicate full of hopeful, motivated tamariki – who are also pretty slick Tik Tok Dancers too! And I am privileged to be guiding them through the early years of learning and play.