Dental Clinic

We no longer have the Dental clinic on site, however they can be contacted on 0800Talkteeth (0800 825 583 384) for any enquiries or emergencies.

Healthy Eating

As a healthy eating school, we are very fortunate to be provided with free fruit and ‘milk in schools” for all our children on a daily basis. We also receive ‘kai for the future’ sandwiches, daily, from a local provider.

Sickness and Accidents Sickness

If a child is unwell at school they are referred to the sickbay by Teaching Staff. All medical treatments are recorded into a medical book. If a child is ill, they will be attended to appropriately.

The parent/caregiver or emergency contact, will be contacted immediately, should a child need to be collected or if it is necessary to consult a doctor. In case of a serious injury, if we are unable to make contact with home, we will transport the child to the Family Doctor or to the hospital for treatment.

Teachers/Staff will not administer any medication except on written authority by the parent/caregiver. All medication MUST be labelled and named and show date.

Smoke Free Environment

From January 2004 as a result of the introduction of the Smoke-free Environments Act, it became mandatory that all schools are 100% smokefree at all times both indoors and on school grounds. Signs are put up stating that smoking is forbidden.