Essential Information


Whole School Assemblies are held in the School Hall briefly on Monday mornings and usually every third Friday 12.15pm – 1.00pm.  Parents and interested persons are always most welcome to attend.


All children riding bikes to school should have a good knowledge of the road rules and MUST wear cycle safety helmets. The school does not permit children under the age of 8 riding to school.

Bicycle stands are provided and children are not permitted to ride their bikes in the school grounds during school hours. It is suggested that bicycles be padlocked to the stands.


As a parent/caregiver, you may be concerned about the progress of your child at school or there may be a concern about a situation at school. We encourage you to please, make contact with the teacher concerned first and if you are unhappy with the outcome, then it is important that you come and speak with a Senior Teacher or the Principal. Our complaints Policy clearly outlines the procedures for parents/caregivers to follow if they wish to take matters further. This is available from the school office.

Field Trips

Educational experiences which cannot be provided within the classroom benefit both students and teachers. It is wished that parents/caregivers share in the responsibility for providing transportation, assisting with supervision, and subsidizing these trips. A permission slip needs to be signed by the parent/caregiver to cover any field trip that is organized by teachers.


When homework is given it is to consolidate work covered by the student at school. Students may have homework three to four nights a week. Reading is encouraged at all levels although Junior school children will be issued with a Home Reader in a Journal Cover on most days. Middle/Senior school students have over and above this, teachers may set other work that relates to topic studies or children may, on their own initiative continue with their topic study in their own time. Homework will only be set when the teacher is sure that individual students have the skills, knowledge and access to the necessary resources or data to successfully complete their task.


The school has a well-stocked Library. Our information and Communications Technology Centre/Te Whare Matauranga, houses both our Library and Computer Suite. Books are issued for a two-week period and children are responsible for returning them on the due date. Books that are lost or damaged must be paid for and accounts are sent home at the end of each term.

Lost Property

The amount of lost property collected and stored at school is a major concern. Please ensure all your child’s clothing and personal gear is clearly named. Unclaimed items of clothing are collected and placed in a box in the caretakers shed. You may view this at any time. All unclaimed gear is disposed of or sent to a local charity at the end of each term.


The school sells stationery through the school office at very affordable Prices. At the beginning of the year all students are issued with a stationery list and they are expected to have the right items in the classroom within 3 weeks of school commencing. If children are required to purchase stationery, this can be done from the Office.

Reporting to Parents

Currently we report to parents/caregivers three times per year on children’s progress. Whanau –Whole school event in Term 1. Parent interviews are held in Term 2 and in Term 4 a written report is issued. At any time during the year, parents/caregivers can request an interview by making an appointment with the classroom teacher.

Whanau Support/Parent Helpers

We are very fortunate to have good parental support in the school. Communication between teachers and parent helpers is open and positive. If you are available and would like to be a parent helper, we encourage you to please come along. The children would love to see you at school. For further information regarding Whanau Support/Parent helpers programmes please feel free to contact: Matua Murray