Educational or Related Services

The School maintains contact with and utilizes a variety of specialized agencies including:

  • Public Health Nurse  |  If parents/caregivers have any concerns regarding their children you are welcome to contact the Public Health Nurse,
    Airiini Hopa on ph (07) 828 8220 ext 23

  • Resource Teacher Learning Behaviour  |  The RTLB team are based here at Ngaruawahia Primary School. Children with specific learning and/or behaviour concerns are referred to the RTLB by classroom teachers and referrals. Strategies and support for children and teachers are provided by the RTLB and where necessary Groups Special Ed (G.S.E) will be contacted for assistance.

  • Support Worker In Schools – Jim Church
    Our Support worker is very active in providing support and advice to both children and their families. His work includes: helping people to learn to solve problems, putting people in touch with services they require, supporting community initiatives, teaching new skills, working on behalf of people, managing a crisis and professional assessments. Teachers and parents/caregivers are able to make referrals regarding a child. However all work carried out by the Support worker must be to the mutual agreement of both home and school. This service is very effective.

Other Agencies

The school has access to the following agencies and where necessary utilises these services on a regular basis:

  • University Of Waikato
    School Support Services
    School of Educations Teacher Trainees

  • Group Special Education Services
    Speech Language Therapists
    Psychologists / Behavioural Specialist