Bell Times

Children may arrive at school from 8.15am, but are not permitted in classrooms until 8.30am, Interval is from 11.00am to 11.25am
Lunch hours are from 1.00 pm to 1.45pm All children eat their lunches under supervision of their teachers until 1.10pm, When they have finished eating, they are dismissed by the Classroom teacher to play. School is normally operative from 8.00am, Parents may ring-in from this hour to report sickness or to relay messages. Phone 07 824 8426.

Short Lunch Hours

If the weather is too wet during Terms 2 & 3, the school may close early at 2.30pm. Decisions for short lunch hours are made by 12.30pm. Parents can ring the school to find out this information. Notification is also sent via facebook, email and class dojo.

School Hours Times
Classrooms open 8.30am
School Starts 8.55am
Interval 11.00am
Lunch 1.00pm
Home Time 2.55pm