Attendance Process

In order for our students to learn and to progress in their achievement we need students to come to school every day, unless they are ill or there is a specific and valid reason for their absence. If a parent/caregiver has prior knowledge of their child’s absence we expect the school office to be notified. Where the absence is unexpected the school should be informed before 9.30am on the day of that absence.

Ngaruawahia Primary School has a daily attendance system that operates school-wide to effectively monitor student attendance. Records are checked daily and when concerns are identified, we take action. If a child is absent from school without an explanation, the school office will make a phone call. If we cannot make contact with you after 3 attempts then we will email your child’s information to the INTERGRATED ATTENDANCE SERVICE (I.A.S) who send a co-ordinator to make a home visit to assist in resolving issues surrounding your child’s non-attendance.

S.W.I.S Worker Jim Church, may follow up on Attendance/Truancy issues with whanau.

Leaving School Grounds

Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds unless notification has been received from parents/caregivers to the classroom teacher or to the Office. If a child leaves school at any time during the school day they MUST report to the office, where an advice slip is issued to them and information is recorded in the book. Children may only be taken by parent/caregivers from school during teaching contact hours with the approval/permission of the Principal or Classroom teacher.

Late Arrivals/Early Departures

Children who arrive late to school must report to the School Office with a note from parents/caregivers explaining why they are late before going to their classes. Late arrivals are recorded in a book and a slip is given to the child to give to their classroom teacher. Parents/caregivers are contacted if children keep arriving late.
Early departures are recorded in the same fashion.